Mil Spec Glass Beads

Ceroglass' glass beads are made of hardened spherical soda-lime glass. They are ideal for de-scaling, cleaning, deburring, surface treatment and finishing, surface extension, and the peening of metal components.

CLEANING with glass beads removes oxide layers and residues from working materials without damaging the surface thus restoring part performance. Cleaning of metal surfaces prior to painting or plating ensure better performance of the coatings.

Automotive & Aircraft Parts ....... Molds ....... Stampings ....... Castings ....... Pipes ....... Weldments ....... Dies, Plates ....... Statuary ....... Tubes, Trays, & Vats

DEBURRING frees metal parts and tools of loose burrs, unwanted edges and nicks which, if left untreated, can cause injury or damage to machine and operator.

Castings ....... Files ....... Drills .......Mills ....... Cutting Tools ....... Gears ....... Machine Parts ....... Threads ....... Dies ....... Jigs ....... Punches ....... Tools

SURFACE TREATMENT AND FINISHING with glass beads is a very efficient way to blend surface defects, improve sealing, and appearance (matte or textured finishes) of all types of molds, deep draw dies and other parts with complicated shapes while improving corrosion resistance and lubrication of moving parts.

SURFACE EXTENSION prepares flat surface areas for galvanization, enameling, and lacquering without further chemical treatment. The metallic purity and the structural extension of the treated areas allow for improved adhesion and bonding between the surface and coating material.

Aluminum Castings ....... Medical Equipment ....... Food Processing Equipment and Cookware ....... Stainless Steel Parts

PEENING with glass beads is particularly effective where a high notch sensitivity exists as a result of flexional demands, e.g. with springs, crankshafts, gears, etc. Wet blasting with fine glass beads will also expose cracks and fracture in metals as a fine dark line where they may otherwise have gone unnoticed.


Soda Lime Glass

No free silica

Specific Gravity

2.45 to 2.50 g/cm3

Bulk Weight

1.5 kg/l

Hardness (Mohs)





Clear / Colorless






65 to 95%


Chemical composition weight-%


min. 65 %


0.5 - 2.0 %


max. .15 %


min. 2.5 %


min. 8 %


min. 14.00 %


max. 2 %


Quality and Technical Support

Efficient results are best achieved through quality media and proper operating procedures and methods. Accurate size distribution, consistant grain sizes, high percentage of roundness, minimal air inclusions and irregular particles are the qualities you need in glass media.

Blasting pressure, distance, angle, base material, discharge losses, time cycles, blast equipment are equally important in improving efficiency and ensuring quality of work. Ceroglass not only offers quality media, we provide the technical support you need to improve quality and lower costs.