Wet Grinding/Milling Beads

Wet Grinding/Milling/Dispersion Media

Grinding and Dispersions are employed in almost every industry. This demonstrates our extremely broad range of media applications, primarily in the areas of:

  • Paint Pigments/Dyes Printing Inks Life Science
  • Food Agro chemistry Nano Applications
  • Adhesives/Sealants Pharmaceutical Cosmetic

Grinding and Milling is a highly technical field and we offer process analysis to help you determine the most optimal product for your application. Commitment to the market and technology leadership is the driving force for Ceroglass.

We focus on the needs of our customers to establish long term working relationships. We do not want to be just your media supplier, we want to be your media solution.


  • Type ZY-E Beads

    Ceramic Beads made of Zirconium Oxide / Yttrium stabilised.

  • Type ZY-P Beads

    Ceramic beads used, for example, in high energy mills.

  • Type ZY-S Beads

    Ceramic beads for the paint-, coating- and dye industry, grinding applications and high quality ceramic products.

  • Type ZC Beads

    Ceramic beads for the paint, coating and dye industry

  • Type ZS Beads

    Ceramic Beads for grinding applications.

  • Type Z Beads

    Ceramic beads for grinding applications.

  • Type S Glass Beads

    Grinding and dispersion media for paints, pigments and agro chemicals.

  • Type M Glass Beads

    Their high degree of purity allows them to reach excellent results in the grinding and dispersing of pigments, dyestuff, agro-chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

  • Type SL Glass Beads

    Grinding media for all sorts of pearl mills for the grinding and dispersion of products with special quality requirements.